The Adventures of a Human is, as the title states a in very simplistic way, a blog about the adventures of a human and fellow friends, a visual narrative. My mission with this blog is to share “my story” and help and encourage others to write their own vividly!

The name for this blog has a lot to do with how I see myself after being recently influenced by minimalism, a book called “The ONE thing” and my “core” world view, “Us” AND “Nature”, that I got from scouting.

I started “documenting” my life from a young age, carrying disposable film cameras for days at the beach and later a digital one, a Konica Z10, in scouting. Photography is a thing I got from my mom and my grandmother. Abuela being the creative one in the family.

As far as “where” I learned everything creative, I enrolled in Universidad del Sagrado Corazón photography program in 2006 and came back in 2018, but where I really set my creative foundation was in Colegio de Cinematografía, Artes y Televisión on 2014-15. All this knowledge will be put to use here and shared.

My experience in the military has a big “drop” in this blog, keeping things organized and feeling efficient are sacred to me. I traveled and also made great friends in the military, all whom I consider my family.

Us in Camp Wilson
Bros from the PR unit in ITX Mojave Viper. (2014)

Besides moving around with a camera, I love soccer. My love for this sport is rampant every time I see people play (and end up joining) and more so evident every 4 years during a FIFA World Cup, beware my social media!

I always root for the same team. In Casa Bavaria, w/ friend Elena! (2010)

Lastly, I wish you enjoy your visit and get something from it. Armando Díaz, from “The Adventures of a Human”. cropped-imag0052.jpg