Web: My perception

  1. How is your life with the Web?

My day usually starts, fortunately and unfortunately, with me verifying information in the web. First, I check my emails, second, my bank account and finally all social media. Although it sounds “mechanical” and routine like, it just takes a few minutes and it has turned into a habit, the weather also depending on the day. I see this almost instant access to information as an opportunity to start my day more efficiently, facilitating decision making. Altogether, for me, the “web” and technology are “facilitators”, or “force multipliers”.

Professionally, I am a photographer, the “web” allows me to look up inspiration on Youtube (LOTR?), to get in contact with clients, to collaborate with other creative professionals, even tho at some point, and preferably, we meet up in person. I can also check on new equipment, read reviews and order online without having to go outside.

For entertainment, I can use Amazon Prime and watch movies or series, again, without leaving home. When I got out with friends hiking and the such I’m usually taking pictures or doing video, and that’s one thing I love about the web, the sharing of content, it builds bridges, and as a consequence, it springs new events. Ultimately, I think the web and social media are a layer to our social lives as humans, but never a substitute.

One thing I don’t like about the Web is that it can turn both social and business relationships a little bit impersonal. Another unfavorable aspect of our dependence on the web and technology in general, one that many in Puerto Rico clashed with recently, is how obsolete it can be without power and/or telecommunications. Not having these modern services force us to change our ops, our scheme of maneuver and into an adaptation period to new circumstances, which can be very stressful for many, and still is. I think we can always perform nevertheless.

2) How will your life be without the Web?

My life without internet would be like it used to be before driving, half analog, half digital (1996-2004). The Nokia cellphone I used to have wasn’t “smart”, although it had an awesome battery life, and social media was in its infancy (MySpace). The only aspect that depended on the web back then, and to a lesser “scope” than today, were video games (BF1942, COD), MSN Messenger (it didn’t connect to a cellphone) and sporadic web surfing. Life without the net, I think it would be more exciting, more real, it would definitely eliminate some of the impersonal layers we have today. I think I could live without the net, I enjoy nature and being in places without network. It would force us to feel someone’s hand writing, to hear their voice more often via phone call or see them in person. It would be more spontaneous in my opinion. Although I have nothing against people who have a strong presence in their social media, me personally, I prefer not having FB on my cellphone, not so many apps and just messenger for following up. Life would be “richer” in many elements, but horribly slower in others, like paying, ordering, getting permits and licenses from the government (horribly slow) and communication in general. We wouldn’t had our heads stuck facing downwards to a screen, or taking pictures of the food we eat, I think we would wholeheartedly enjoy those little moments, instead of trying to capture them. We evolve when stand up and look straight!


(Featured image by: Martin Gysler license: CC)



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